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Will dust and waterproof become the standard of mobile phone in the future?

At the Sony conference in August 31 , Sony announced its latest mobile phone ZX1 and ZX1 Compact, both of them are still IP65 / 68 dust and water.

Since 2016, many mobile phone manufacturers began to own flagship level mobile phone to add dust and water features, and as a gimmick to promote.But in 2017, still only part of the high-end mobile phone has a waterproof function, and a large part of the anti-live water and can not directly into the water. This should be a technical problem or the cost of production problems, but with the development of technology, I believe that will soon be universal.

However, the phone's dust and water performance will be affected by other aspects, such as the quality of the manufacturer's control, how long time you had used the phone will affect the phone's dust and waterproof capacity, resulting in many users without knowing the situation confused cell phone scrapped.So is best to take a waterproof phone pouch when in the underwater activities.

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