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The Generation of Full Screen Phone

Many manufacturers begun to make their own full-screen mobile phone since Samsung's S8 interview .In the face of the upcoming mass of full-screen mobile phones, people say that the generation of full screen phone is coming .  We officially entered the touch screen mobile phone generation since the iPhone 4 launch . 7 years after the formal now to a new era, and our mobile phone habits will also be changed.

In fact, full-screen mobile phone from the beginning of 2013, when the release of Aquos Crystal Sharp is the market's first full-screen mobile phone, but the technology is not yet mature to make a full-screen mobile phone to become a favorite entertainment products. With the development of technology, many large manufacturers are now able to develop a full range of mobile phones. The gradual maturity of the technology makes the corresponding reduction in production costs, the popularity of a comprehensive screen should be completed within a few years. And we will witness the changes of the times.
The arrival of a full-screen mobile phone can not help but guess what the next era of mobile phone will look like, and our life will be followed by what kind of change.

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