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At a meeting in September, China's Ministry of Industry and Deputy Minister publicly stated that China has launched a timetable study on the shutdown of traditional energy vehicles.

Why prohibit the sale of traditional fuel vehicles? One of the big reasons is that the new energy vehicle technology has matured, and the new energy vehicles will eventually replace the traditional fuel vehicles. In some countries with strong environmental awareness have set a good time to ban the traditional fuel vehicles to Europe, for example, Norway and Finland will be banned in 2025 ban on fuel trucks, which is currently the world's first announced to take Germany plans to lock the ban on fuel trucks in 2030, while Britain and France unanimously announced that they would ban the ban on fuel vehicles in 2040.

The ban on traditional fuel vehicles, so that new energy vehicles to become the first choice for people to buy in China is one of the sooner the better things. China as a large population, in recent years the people's living standards continue to improve, and the purchase of private cars is already a very common thing. Into the new energy era for China's development and the world's environmental protection is very important.

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