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1. Is CHONGKA Really 100% Waterproof?

Yes, CHONGKA waterproof case for phone really is 100% waterproof. Each CHONGKA has been hand tested in our factory to the depth of 20 meters and our tablets to 30m before packing. It has also passed independent testing and has been certified with a rating of IPX8 - the highest waterproof rating. We do suggest that you test your CHONGKA with a tissue before you first use it and then regularly after that just to make sure that no damage has occurred to the plastic.

2. How Does CHONGKA Work?

CHONGKA has 2 or 3 very simple and easy twist lock wheels depending on the size of the case. These simply slot into the holes on the other side of the black clamp and twist close. Initially the locking wheels can be a little stiff but with time they will become easier to use. The packaging comes with full instructions and pictures on how to close the lock.
View Videos: Click here

3. Which Phones Will Fit Inside CHONGKA?

We have 4 sizes of cases which means that all phones will fit inside CHONGKA. The inside of the standard bag area measures 10cm wide 15cm tall. This will take all phones including; iphone 3,4,5,6 Samsung S3 and S4, HTC one, Sony Xperia and many others. The large bag will fit any phone measuring 10.3xm x 19.5cm. We also have 2 sizes of tablet cases.
Please measure your phone to make sure it will fit inside CHONGKA before ordering.

4. Can I Still Use My Phone while it's in the case?

Yes! This is the beauty of CHONGKA. You can still make calls, send messages, write emails, take photos, make videos, listen to music, play games etc. The touch screen will still work inside the bag! 

5. How Clear Are The Photo's And Video Taken Through The Bag?

The quality of the photos and video taken through CHONGKA are great. The plastic is so clear and the water seems to just roll off even when it's splashed with water. Below are some photos that we have taken. Check out the gallery page to see more photos. The quality of the photos taken under water really depends on how good your camera is, how clean the water is and what the visibility is like. You can also check out our videos.

6. How Deep Under Water Can CHONGKA Go?

CHONGKA has been tested and certified to use underwater to 10 meters. If you want to use your camera under the water your touch screen will not work so we recommend that you change the setting on your phone so that you can use the buttons to take photographs.

7. How Do I Use CHONGKA Under Water?

It can be quite tricky to take photos underwater with a touch screen phone as the water acts as a big contact, this is the same with all capacitive screens. For best results change the settings on your phone so that the button takes the photo. To make a video you can start recording before you go under water and stop once you reach the surface.

8. Where Can I use CHONGKA?

CHONGKA is very versatile and enables you to take your phone and other valuable items places that normally wouldn't be safe. You can fully protect your phone from water, snow, sand, dirt and dust. We don't recommend using CHONGKA in hot water due to the risk of condensation forming inside the bag.

9. What Makes CHONGKA Better Than Other Waterproof Phone Bags?

a. CHONGKA uses stronger, softer PVC for our bags than other companies.

b. CHONGKA has the same size clear window on both sides so whichever way you put your phone in the camera will always be in the right place. Most bags only have a small window which might not be in the right place.

c. CHONGKA doesn't have any folding so the plastic can't split down the side like others do.

d. CHONGKA has a very simple, strong, patented "twist locking wheel" system which anyone can use.

e. CHONGKA has a simple design, there are no annoying dangling headphone leads that get in the way.

f. CHONGKA colors are fun and funky - nothing boring here!

g. CHONGKA has a soft, flat nylon, adjustable neck strap so it wont make your neck sore. 

h. CHONGKA has just one size to fit all phones making your choice easy.

i. Every CHONGKA has been hand tested for quality in our factory.

j. CHONGKA great value for money without compromising quality.